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Our album of photos

I would like that you have a look to this book. I use the photos that you uploaded. If you want to add more photos  we can do it. This will be our common product

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Here is a worksheet that we completed during the Festival of Halloween..Try it if you dare!!! From Middle 3

Web Worksheet:  History of Halloween

STUDENT(S) NAME: ___________________________     Class:  ____________                  SCORE: _________

Web Site:       The History of Halloween (The History Channel)

SECTION 1: Holiday Origins: Ancient Origins
 1.  Halloween began with the Celtic festival of ____________________________.
2.  The Celtics celebrated their new year on  ___________________________________.
3.  On the night of October 31, the Celt's believed the ___________________ of the ___________________ returned to earth.
4.  During the Celtic celebrations the Celts wore costumes that were made up of animal ________________ and __________________.
5.  What two Roman festivals were combined with the Celtic festival of Samhain.
 ________________ and the Roman  goddess __________________.
6.  The three celebrations, the eve of All Saints', All Saints', and All Souls', were combined and called

SECTION 2: Halloween Comes to America
7.  In early New England, Halloween celebrations were very limited because of rigid _________________________ beliefs.
8.  During the second half of the nineteenth century, Americans would dress up in costumes and go "trick‑or‑treating" asking for ______________________ or ______________________.

SECTION 3:  Today’s Traditions
9.  During the American tradition of All Souls' Day, poor people would beg for food and were given ___________________________ in return for the promise to pray for a family's dead relatives.
10.  On Halloween, people who went outside would dress in costumes to avoid being recognized by _______________.

SECTION 4: Around the World: El Dia de los Muertos
11.  In Mexico, Latin America and Spain, All Souls' Day takes place on ______________________ at the end of a three day celebration that begins on ___________________________.
12.  Who is the celebration designed to honour?  ____________________________.
13.  Why were candles and incense burned?

SECTION 5: Around the World: Guy Fawkes Day
14.  In England (and some parts of Newfoundland) bonfires are lit on the evening of ____________________.
15.  The English stopped celebrating Halloween because of Martin Luther's _____________________________.
16.  What does Guy Fawkes Day festivities commemorate?
17.  The first bonfires were called ______________________________.
18.  What would children do in some parts of England during Guy Fawkes Day?

SECTION 6: Around the World: Where It All Began
19.  In what country did Halloween begin? _________________________________.
20.  A game where an apple on a string is tied to a doorframe or tree and people try to take a bite out of it is called ________________________________________.
21.  A traditional food during Halloween is called ______________________________.
22.  When a child knocks on a door and runs away it is called a ___________________________.

SECTION 7: The Jack O' Lantern
23.  The practice of making jack o' lanterns started with the Irish myth about a person called _______________.
24.  In Ireland and Scotland they first made their own jack o' lanterns by carving scarey faces into ______________________ or ______________________.
25.  In England they used large ______________ to carve jack o' lanterns.

Don’t forget to explore the other sections in the web site to learn more about Halloween.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Poems - our favourites- Middle 3 Ireland

Trick or Treat 

Trick or Treat! Trick or Treat!
Give me something good to eat.
Give me candy. Give me cake.
Give me something good to take


It’s Halloween
It`s Halloween! It`s Halloween!
The moon is full and bright
And we shall see what can`t be seeon any other night:
Skeletons and ghosts and ghouls,
Grinning goblins fighting duels,
Werewolves rising from their tombs,
Witches on their magic brooms.


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El grupo de 5º de Primaria del Ceip Ntra. Sra De La Antigua, ha estado trabajando en la elaboración de Tarjetas de Felicitación del Día de Halloween con la señorita Silvia. Toda su imaginación y creatividad han puesto en juego y hemos obtenido muy buenos resultados. Con la ayuda de su tutora Eva, hemos elaborado un bonito collage con los momentos de trabajo. ¡¡Feliz Halloween desde Mérida!!

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